Best VPN for Linux 2017

Why should you use a VPN Linux with Ubuntu?

What features make some VPN service providers better than others?

The best VPN for Linux distro's for any individual or organization offers an excellent balance of several features like price, connectivity protocol and server location. Some can be considered for a one-off use whereas others can be used by established organizations in the long term. Look for these features:

  1. - Protocol: using SSL or IPS security protocols is better though each protocol has its merits and demerits. Some VPN service providers use lower security protocols. End users, however, need not concern themselves so much with these.
  2. - Corporate and exit locations: it is important to consider these two as they spell out how bets you can hide your true IP location. In case you need to access services in the US and the UK then choose a service provider that has these varieties, servers in many locations for flexibility.
  3. - Logging: choose a service provider that does not log your activity. Even though your communications may be secure, the logs can be used to get some data about your communications. The government may request for this information from the service provider, however, if there is no log, you are safe.
  4. - Video Streaming: The most important requirement to steam online videos is sufficient bandwidth in your VPN providers network. The blog have written a guide to help solve the most common streaming issues faced by clients.
  5. - Anti-spyware/anti-malware: a good VPN service should include these protections to keep you both secure and invulnerable. Always have someone watching your back through these applications.
  6. - Mobile App: as you enjoy this new sense of security when using the internet, it is good to extend it to the mobile phone which is used more than the PC these days. Choose the one which will cover all your devices.